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Who said God didn't create Adam and Steve?

supertrooper74 profile pic Alumni

They're adorable. Steve's fig leaf should be bigger.




ehhh 0


papi me


I think a shirt portraying Adam and Steve in a more conventionally Biblical style would be awesome. Don't like the way this is done though.



Im a homophobe and therefore I dislike this shirt. The design looks tacky too


BrobaZ - you know what they say! Confront your phobia face to face!


Disgusting! The outputs of the body were never made for inputing!


BrobAZ - tell that to all the gay people. Let's see what their response is.


Hey, maybe things wouldn't be so bad if God made Adam & Steve... Steve would have been too concerned with keeping his figure to eat that damned apple and God wouldn't have got all vengeful and they would have adopted a couple of Buddha's spare kids and done a really nice job of decorating Eden and we'd have all lived happily ever after.


Love the homophobes.
Amazing how in a real art community, there wouldn't be all this hate.
Proof that this site is riddled with hate.

Surprised these HATEFUL assholes left to comment.


haha, I love this one. :)


Simple and adorable ^_^ great job Luisito

the Flying Monkey project

I think TattooedBear hit this nail right on the head. But what I find Ironic about all the people that are bagging on this so hard, is if you go to there profile page you will see...Nothing!!! No Photo, No Blogs, No Crits, one shitty little Slogan (that only there dim witted friends think is funny) and there average scoring is 2.27 out of 9921 submissions. Its pretty sad really that a good chunk of your scores will be from people just trolling like that.
I wounder how happy these people are in there life outside the internet?


So if someone came on here proclaiming that non-whites are mentally inferior to whites, and that was just their opinion, would it not be OK to criticise and ridicule them?

Just because you have a problem with homosexuality rather than some other aspect of humanity doesn't make it OK.


If you don't think homosexuality is "right", then you are judging people.


A way of life? Being homosexual is no more "a way of life" than being black or Asian or caucasian is a way of life. And do you know what? It's also none of your fucking business.

But a little bit of research suggests that you're complete ignorance of homosexuals and the reality of homosexuality is due to your Christianity. I'm kicking myself for starting this discussion with someone on the net anyway, because I know that since your attitude to homosexuality is undoubtedly founded in your belief in God, trying to hold a rational discussion with you about it is pointless.


Excuse me, I meant "your complete ignorance". Wouldn't want you to show up my poor grammatical skills as well.


You guys are retarded.


Show me in the Bible where the didn't get killed by God ie: Sodom and Ghomorrah


i meant "they"

omgitsluisito profile pic Artist

Haha thanks for all the votes and most of the comments guys.

13strong, I would just not argue about it any more. Bigots will be bigots.

And BrobAZ, before you bring the Bible into this, make sure you READ those passages, because no where does it say in the Bible that God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah because of homosexuality.


where do you think the word sodomy comes from numbnuts?


Do you you think God would want a place where no new human life could be produced because people of the same gender are hookin' up? I don't think so. God made us this way for a reason. You tell me the last time a dude got pregnant from another dude.(and dont tell me about the woman that became a man that got pregnant because that he/she still had girl parts) Unless you're one of "atheists" who doesnt "believe" in God. Atheism is one of the biggest cop outs.


Then why did God make homosexual animals?


Um I'm unaware of any homosexual animals, and God does not make homesexual organisms. That would totally go against his plan.

omgitsluisito profile pic Artist

Like I said, read the Bible, then we'll talk.

"Behold, this was the guilt of your sister Sodom: she and her daughters had arrogance, abundant food and careless ease, but she did not help the poor and needy. Thus they were haughty and committed abominations before Me." (Ezekiel 16.49-50)

There is no mention of homosexuality.



That's great and all but we're kind of the dominant species last time I checked, and most of us have a little more common sense than friggin "lesbian koalas". Oh and get a better source than Wikipedia. Its too biased.

omgitsluisito- You just go ahead and justify homosexuality by taking Bible passages out of context. It just makes you look stupid.

omgitsluisito profile pic Artist

How is that taking the passage out of context? I posted the passage, which clearly says nothing about gays, and that's it.

Sounds like you're bitter because I'm using the Bible to prove you wrong O__o


Well, here's this. If you would like more sources, I would be happy to search through ebscohost and jstor for something purely academic.

Further, I think it is incredibly presumptuous and arrogant for you to assume that you know His plan. I doubt God was like, "Hey, BrobAZ, come here and let me tell you all about how the universe works."


And of course, you're whole damn argument falls apart because I don't believe in God. And I don't EVEN want to start on that whole can o' worms.

Can I just point out that homosexuality would not prevent human beings reproducing. No one is suggesting that everyone be gay, or that homosexuals will ever be more than a minority of people in the world, so you don't need to get your ever-so-heterosexual panties in a twist - this planet that you think God created will just keep on filling up with people at a rate it can't possibly support.


Whatever faggots


BrobAZ on Jul 28 '08
Whatever faggots want to do to my ass would be fine with me, since I am secretly bi-curious.


Yay!!! This is such a cute shirt! I give it a 5 and would buy it right now if it were available. Although I do agree with 13Strong, if it were less stylized and more what we see as a traditional Biblical style, it would have more impact.

And wow, it's so nice to come onto Threadless and see such an enlightened and safe place, where everyone is mature and accepting, tolerant and healthy, free to be who they are and express themselves without fear of hate bashing and other's religious beliefs being held as absolutes. Oh, wait...sorry, I was thinking of somewhere else...

gumbolimbo profile pic Alumni

whoa.... while I think the design itself could be improved upon, I see nothing wrong with the subject itself. The reactions in this sub make me sad.


I was about to write a whole screed in response, because your abusive, accusatory little rant got me a bit riled up. I started to respond, giving my rationally argued response, and then thought "Why am I bothering?". It's really not worth dragging this on any longer.

But I would say that at no point did I stereotype you. You are a Christian, no? You have a variation of the Christian Ichthys tattooed on your neck. You're involved in the NewSpring Church (this is all through your Flickr, by the way - wasn't trying to pry, just get some sense of where you were coming from). You talk about homosexuality being a "way of life" and an "act", which implies that you think it's not an inherent part of someone's biological make-up; that it can be denied. And you say that your belief that homosexuality is wrong is based on the Bible and the "Word of God". So in what way have I misrepresented you?

To believe these things is, in my opinion, to be ignorant of the reality of homosexuality, and to prioritise the words in a book over the words and lives of actual homosexuals.

But like I said, I shouldn't have started this, because I know how futile it is. I wasn't driven to argue with you about this out of a hatred for you or even your beliefs as such, but out of a personal commitment to people's rights that I often take too far (as in, I waste my time doing things like this when I could be using my energy for something more productive).

So I'll stop now, and save my energy for my volunteering at Gay Pride this weekend.


Well have fun being homos and the AIDS that comes with it


BigODrummer - c'mon, you really saying BrobAZ isn't worth a little criticism or ridicule?


BrobAZ: As a lesbian, there is significantly less of a chance that I will get AIDS/HIV from any of my female partners than if I were engaging in heterosexual intercourse. Woohoo!


BigODrummer, I think I am fond of you.

Montro profile pic Alumni

I´m surprised no one here has come out of the closet yet.


Montro on Jul 29 '08
I´m surprised no one here has come out of the closet yet.

Someone did!:

BrobAZ on Jul 28 '08
Whatever faggots want to do to my ass would be fine with me, since I am secretly bi-curious.


omgitsluisito- Incest, murder, and rape is also in the Bible. Are you going to justify that too? Come on people give me a break!


professorE- you can go eat a dick!


I agree with previous comments about making the image more 'biblical', like a plate from an old bible.

BigODrummer on Jul 29 '08

But, with that, I can't say that I think homosexuality is right or natural.

The sole biological purpose of existance is reproduction, so from that aspect homosexuality isnt 'right' or 'natural'.
I think you put across a very 'unpopular' way of thinking in a very calm & sensible manner, & that is always a pleasure to read.


Love the concept, but I think the execution needs work. Am interested in seeing what people mentioned above: old religious style art with this theme, like woodcuts or something. Would definitely rock that shirt.

This is kinda cute, even still.


BigODrummer - thanks for the reasoned, interesting response. Sorry that got so heated and unpleasant there. If it helps, I was pretty angry about something else before, and so this caught me at a bad time.

Gay rights are something I feel very strongly about, and so I realise I can come off as too intense or aggressive when talking about it. Sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable. I can see that you're not a completely ignorant "bible-basher", and it sounds like you recognise most of the complexities inherent in the debate around homosexuality, religion and rights.

I think we can both agree, though, that as long as the Bible is the final word for you, and as long as it isn't for me, then we're not gonna agree on the fundamentals. But it sounds like we can both agree that people like BrobAZ aren't helping no one none.


Have a gay day


BrobAZ really doesn't count for anything due to the lack of avatar.


Thanks BrobAZ, I WILL have a gay day! Woo!


Pretty much everything that needs to be said has been said but I would like to take BigODrummer ( and a couple of others) up on a couple of points. The first is this statement which always annoys me.

homosexuality is wrong and it is clearly defined in the Bibkle which is what Christians believe is the infallible word of God

Ok fine - I take you believe in slavery then? People cherry pick from the Bible and put emphasis on the passages that suit them and ignore the ones that are unhelpful. Don't qoute the word of God unless you are prepared to accept every word equally ,even those passages that may be uncomfortable for you. Such as :

The second point is the question of natural. It obviously feels natural to them otherwise they wouldn't do it. Why do people care? Nobody is forcing their gay lifestyle on you are they? Just let people get on with their lives and get on with yours.


Lost my quote on slavery which was this:

When a slave owner strikes a male or female slave with a rod and the slave dies immediately, the owner shall be punished. But if the slave survives a day or two, there is no punishment; for the slave is the owner's property. (Exod. 21:20-21)

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