ad astra (spasea)

Design by againstbound

ad astra (spasea) by againstbound on Threadless
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againstbound profile pic Artist

First design made for threadless (my previous one was a pinting turned tee), this all started with my squidrocket, and turned out into this, if you wanna check out its evolution or detail on individual fish check out my critique page


Yay, it's up! Looks excellent! Good placement, love the colors. $5.


Looks good to me.


you worked so hard on this and it came out really great! 5




love, love, love it! 5$!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

A little too random looking to me, kind of like a mish-mash of a few year old screensaver. I like the ideas and the drawings look great, i just think this concept needs a bit better focus. i'd love to see this re-done with objects in different positionings. Good luck with your design!

olie! profile pic Alumni

Keep subbin'! The lack of comments could also be partly due to it being around Christmastime.


Woo hoo! This got accepted - good work! I really like your drawings still, but I'm not totally sold on a black tee - it's a $5 if I can have navy or other...


This reminds me of "Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home" for some reason...


Pretty cool, but FA's right, some more development would be great.


damn, ive never seen star trek, is that good or bad?

It's good! In my opinion, it is the best Star Trek movie made -- earth comes under attack by an alien life form, but the only beings that can communicate with the aliens are whales. But whales have become extinct on earth, so Captain Kirk and company have to time travel to bring whales back to their century.

againstbound profile pic Artist

well, higher than 2.01 but still didnt do very well, anyways thanks everyone that liked it and voted =)

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