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deep space monkey
deep space monkey profile pic Artist

Sugarkitten, this is mearly a page out of the catalogue, those along with DaVinci wings and giant red rockets are part of the spring collection.


i'd say pop a rocket pack on the coyote.


Just to clarify, are the words "Acme catalogue (In Technicolor)" going to be on the tee? Because I think they could do with some jazzing up... Other than that, bingo - $5


Awesome stuff! :D

deep space monkey
deep space monkey profile pic Artist

Thanks for the comments everyone. To answer a few... no I don't intend to have the title on the shirt, it takes thought out of the whole equation. And the reason there are no red rockets is because I wanted a certain sense of realism, not that the idea of a dueling coyote and a roadrunner is realistic, but I wanted actual objects that are found in our world depicted in the design.

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