According his head with his heart...

Design by pandasoniq

According his head with his heart... by pandasoniq on Threadless
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FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

it doesn't matter how much i like this shirt (which isnt much), you get a zero for jamming the airwaves with an ad for this submission in ANY and EVERY fucking comment part for a tee design i have read tonight. Start up a blog on all the already-printed shirts for this sole purpose if you want, but stop trolling the new shirts like a penis enlargement or viagra popup ad.

ysy101 profile pic Alumni

i don't mind, you took the time to comment so that's nice. Get votes any way you can!

ysy101 profile pic Alumni

no problem :) I have no idea how I got that color. I was just experimenting and I got that color and I said, "Damn, that's hot." lol but I showed my brother some different versions and he said that one made the sky look sick.

alanis profile pic Alumni

stupid design, looks like twas designed by a 2 year old


you're advertising, and you're not advertising nicely. wah. $0

(you wrote comments saying "nice design here's mine" on other designs)

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