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Please God let this be serious! 'Art is Life' if this is art then pass the Barbituates and a bottle of meths.


wow!! i couldnĀ“t done something that awful even if i try!!! i love it!!! (but not for a shirt) it has bad colores, bad shapes, bad composition, the typography is horrible, the size is gigantic, the phrase is pretentious ... please tell me you did it on porpouse... if so, keep up the good work and try to adapt your ideas to be used on t-shirts

Rick Dangerous

I love it, very De Stijll. Mondrian would be proud. Not only have you developed a moderist approach but you have managed to cross the paths between design and art.
well done



hurts eyes..


I think the key to this design is in what tresh said, his other designs are not like this. Looking at his other designs (I saw one that has even been printed) and his website, there's obviously a statement being made here. Agreed the T looks ghastly and I wouldn't wear it (except to a design conference or something just as pretentious) but I think out right bagging the design means you don't understand art or the note above this text box. I once heard that art is anything you can get away with. Well done Samuli for finding the biggest stick to poke at this crowd but unfortunatly I will be giving a big 0 so that other shirts I do want to wear get printed :D


looks like something from the early 80's.


Yes! taking the piss outta threadless!
methinks nco has made a good point here...


i think this will win: the competition between nco and breadlegs and their daft "worst design" thing they've got going on. get a room.


absolutely gorgeous

this is art

give that fella 2500 $

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