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Know Your Critters Kids! :)




H - honey bear? I - ? V - vampire bat? X - xray is not a critter Y - yeti?




The first one confused me. Crocodile? Oh, wait, that'd be A for Alligator... so I feel this top mightn't be as relevant for non-American buyers. Still, really cute!! profile pic Artist

:D ty all!!! Yes H is Honeybear ^_^ (my inner child with pooh bear escaped) I- Ibex :D A lovely little goat critter!!! V- Vampire Bat! X- ok ok I know its not a "critter" but a cute little boy with his X-ray was cooler than animals I didn't know 8( Y- Yeti! :)!!! In honor of my sis who loves them so much!

brainrust profile pic Alumni

Good idea and a beautiful style. It looks like it must have been enjoyable coming up with so many cute and simplified animals! profile pic Artist

I had SO much fun doing this ^_^!!! Anytime to exercise my inner child :)


Well, I love it! I think the x-ray is cuter than x-ray fish or other x animals. How does it look on other colors? White does stain so easily.... profile pic Artist

I put it on cream but I am sure it will be great on anything :D profile pic Artist

Thanks yellowkitty and artistlb! :) I'm partial to my x-ray red headed boy ^_^!

Mr Vela

nice work


Ahhhh! 5$$$$ PRINT profile pic Artist

I sure hope so ^_^ Thanks everyone for your thoughts!


I love it!


Great idea!

mreisel profile pic Alumni

cute!!! profile pic Artist

:D Ive said it a bunch but I'll say it again- thank you guys!!!

and Yellowkitty...Im so with you- I want one for me!!!


I love it, my son would definitely wear it!

ewaken profile pic Alumni

sooo cool

RedRafael profile pic Alumni

very cute profile pic Artist

^_^ ty all! I have high hopes for this one :D

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