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A Zombie Proposal

Design by finkenstein

A Zombie Proposal by finkenstein on Threadless
2.24 Avg Score
1087 Votes
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  • 2.24 Avg Score
  • 1087 scores
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You know, I saw the thumbnail and the title and got ready to not like this one, but that damn hell ass hillarious. I'd probably buy it on burgandy.
finkenstein profile pic Artist
haha, I really don't get this boob thing, maybe people aren't used to seeing tits in cartoon form? If you look at a triangle from the front it looks cicular right? and on it's side, it's triangular, of course breasts aren't perfect traingles, but thats why it's a cartoon. It's like saying, why do they have dots for eyes instead of completley rendered pupils and eye-lids? Or why are they're necks so long and you can't see every single strand of their hair? Anyway, I do appreciate the feedback people! Thanks for all the comments and compliments!
funkie fresh
funkie fresh profile pic Alumni
maaaan..i'm working on a zombie sub myself although my style is completely different. i like this best on either of the blues and your style is great...hope you submit more stuff
i think finkenstein meant to say "cone" rather than "triangle" but yes. breasts are just basically a sac of fat with some mammary glands weaved throughout and a nipple slapped on top. when gravity weighs on them while the woman is standing upright, from the front they (can) look circular or spherical (at the least, round, right?), from a profile view they usually take a prettymuchstraight diagonal line outward and then curve back to the body, and as you can imagine, on a 3/4 view the nearer breast looks round and the farther breast does the diagonal-curve thing. anyway, this is a 5. i like how it's a zombie shirt that ISN'T all gothy, i like the colors chosen. but i'll defer to those who would wear it to decide what they'd like it best on!
thanks for the lessons on boobs, hey guys ; )
I like the red and blue -- 5 and $.
agreed with most. 1. amazing 2. emo bitches need to die 3. i love this 4. zombies are ace why would you grade 400 people's submissions and have an average score of .000000006? i mean? JD84, why don't you post some stuff? but no, you know what they say? artists make art, and stick in the muds eat dirt. .....what in the world does that mean^?
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