A well balanced breakfast

Design by herky

A well balanced breakfast by herky on Threadless
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. . .and a Sausage

Big Ed

I can honestly say I've lived 34 years and never seen a sugar cube with eyeballs until this moment. For whatever that's worth.


I usually despise food with faces submissions, but this is quite nice. I like the sausage's rump.

sonmi profile pic Alumni

haha, this is the only food with faces sub that i would wear

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

I'm as sick of food with faces as everyone else, but...
when it works, it works!
This design is great! The illustration is amazing, and balancing food with faces is actually clever! God damnit....you've done it!!!!!
You actually made a food with faces shirt I would but and give 5 to. HOW?! I would wear the blue one. Seriously

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

the thing underneath the hotdog, what's that? and what's that "fluid" coming out from its body? :)

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

^haha i thought he "came" on the toast. :)


This made me laugh. $5


nice :o) - - - -

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