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A very bad joke... by PoopertonEsquire on Threadless
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is there a minus 5 to give?
disgusting!! oh no I understand the "humour" you tried to put in it but this just isn't funny and it certainly isn't good enough to be sarcastic
you make me sick


Go and get a history book.

Educate yourself.

This sh1t ain't funny.


I like the cross... could do without the additional embelishments. Kinda a rip off of an old Tony Hawk/Powell Peralta shirt only all Nazied up. Remember what happend in Indiana Jones you fool. Like the colors but the symbol makes me wish I were not part German sometimes.


you could never wear that with a jacket or anything, and alot of people you see during the day don't see both the front and back of you.


I don't mean to be harsh and I'm sure your intentions were different but i don't think you realize the full power of that symbol and the negativity it stirs up. It's not funny AT ALL...you would definately hurt a lot of people. It's plain disrespectful. You mentioned if you 'were this' 'were that' but talk about reality - YOU AREN'T. Are you saying that you are Jewish then? or you had family, friends who suffered in the halocaust? have you witnessed the pain they went through? if not - think again.
also, say if you put the word 'nigger' right across the chest...are you saying that 'it's ok. I'm just kidding around' - although you don't mean it as an insult in anyway I bet you 200% you're gonna offend a hell of a lot of people.

on a light side. it's good that you stirred things up. Good art does that - Tshirt may not be the best place to make controversial statements. You should be more sensitive to your audience.


The swastika didn't come before the nazis in this way, they stole it from the hindous and mirrored it.
On this shirt it is what it is: a very bad joke indeed.
I guess to europeans it's more "alive" and still closer than it is for americans, especially young people who's parents maybe weren't even born during the war.

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