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a Sunny Autumn

Design by (matthijs)

a Sunny Autumn by (matthijs) on Threadless
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Very nice. I really like your style. The colours are wonderful, too.

Bramish profile pic Alumni

The aeroplane looks like Mid Carson July's 10 Years On Autopilot.

I like it though.


I know it's really early in the competition, but i really think this could be a winner.

azrielen profile pic Alumni

Oooo hot. One of the best I've seen so far, imo.


ooo i think this is the best one ive seen for the contest so far

(matthijs) profile pic Artist

Thanks for the useful comment. Things like that can easily be adjusted of course. :)


Verrrry nice. I'd sport it proudly.


why all these shirts with cassette tapes on them? i don't understand... but probably because i was around when cassette tapes were big.
i used to have cassingles.
maybe someone should make a shirt that says "bring back the cassingles".
now THAT i'd buy.

(matthijs) profile pic Artist

cheevrr, it's for the URB contest. Look at the theme and you know why all the shirts have cassettes on them...


i love your style man

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