A succinct summary of t-shirt typography.

Design by J-Ray

A succinct summary of t-shirt typography. by J-Ray on Threadless
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The proportional/perspective sizes of some of the letters seem a bit out of whack. I like the simple color schemes though.


I also like that there are a T and an E missing, like you've already started losing your text.

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ha, this is neat


I don't know that this would necessarily be lost on people outside of threadless. It may not always be phrased "lost the text," but just about anyone who's done any amount of professional design or taken classes has had to contend with design speaking for itself or how and when the use of text is part of the design rather than a crutch or an explanation.

I'm pretty new to threadless (and still haven't submitted any of the designs I'm working on), but seeing comments about text detracting from designs was not that new to me when I started scoring and looking at designs here.

So, I guess I'm saying the audience for this is bigger than threadless. :)


This makes me miss the Yeticorn...

The Jolly Brewer

I like it a lot... much more than Albania!

You are certainly varied in your submissions. 4 from me!


Try an original idea next time?


Don't know what the deal is with the "copying" (I know the two of you know each other on the blogs, so I'm assuming you both just decided to address the same idea in different ways), but (and sorry, that was quite a long parenthetical comment) this looks great!

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I like how you pulled it off with only 2 colors.


Great illustration! - just try a different idea, OK?


are you missing a "T"?


Dammit J-Ray you're a genius. C ya when summer's over and you can start gaining a bit of weight again ;-)

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it's a very well illustrated and pull-off concept j-ray, and for that, I like what you have done. However, i agree with others on this blog about this being only for the Threadless and/or illustrative design crowd, but i have the "in the basement of the alamo" tee and that also appeals to a very small percentage opf folks who actually get where that refernce comes from. Having said all that, I'm not part of the art submission community (unfortunatyl since i have nil drawing skillz), so i don't need to wear this is a mega-super-exlcuding in-joke. No matter how you are using the space, coloring and shape of the lettering to form the words above (and i really like what you did with that), it's still a design with limited appeal, and wouldn't sell a tenth of the shirts "Forest For the Socks " is gona sell. HEHEHEHE. I only put that in to mess wit ya! Still, i'll give it a 3 cause you da man and it's a new-fangled way to illustrate a text idea.


it's not missing any letters. The "E" from LOSE, the spare "H", and the "T" from TEXT line up to spell out the "THE."


good design, but i like the yeticorn one better. I'll give it a 4 for ya!


Wow, you did an EXCELLENT job with this. Maybe it's just because I'm a graphic designer, but I caught it right away. You did an excellent job allowing the design to flow while still making it seem disjointed and like the text was actually being lost. 5, for sure.


orange for sure

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Vanishing points PISS ME OFF! Nice work. Looks weird on the shirt. I think the layout could improve, but I love the idea.

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