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good concept... especially like the sofa's eyes... nice touch.


sofa?... I meant arm chair.


Yeah, love the eyes and the foggy creatures, too. But please change the placement nad make it a little smaller, center placement is so boring and big doesn't look good on girls (you know, boobs and stuff, you can only see half of it)


this is great


Really cool...you should ILLUSTRATE children's books! I'm serious...


very unique.
i want one!

bsweber profile pic Artist

thanks for the comments everyone!

in response to flopart: perhaps you are refering to "The Neverending Story" ? great movie!


I see no uterus. But perhaps the chair is upholstered in umbilical cords...now that someone mentioned it...

Seriously, this is a fantasy illustration and it's perfect. The boy's face isn't creepy, maybe he's just being transformed by the alienish things he's reading. And skinny claw feet are very, very, very strong. I know that for a fact. They hold up bathtubs full of water and very fat people...they will certainly hold up this enormous chair. However, now that I have focused on the chair's feet, the toe on the left claw has certainly been eaten by those purple monsters because it is missing.

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