A Space Kiss

Design by trvor

A Space Kiss by trvor on Threadless
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trvor profile pic Artist

A kiss in space with the astronauts located near the heart. This is a remake of a design I originally drew on lined paper, cleaned up for this competition.

~Some details are lost in the template. Thank you for viewing, all.


good idea, scruffy execution

trvor profile pic Artist

Well, a space scene isn't the tidiest. Maybe you're referring to the characters? Some monitors display this design much darker than I anticipated.

Thank you so much for the feedback!

macdoodle profile pic Alumni

Astro-naughty ;)

trvor profile pic Artist

You've seen more of my designs other than this one?

Thank you all for your time to view and comment!


love in space. high $5! :D

Boiled fly
Boiled fly profile pic Alumni

lol...lollipop) 5

trvor profile pic Artist

^ The most recent kleruh comment was accidentally from me. I forgot to log out of my girlfriend's account! Still, thanks folks for clicking any number for this design.


So lovely! 5

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