A small scene from a big adventure

Design by Raid71

A small scene from a big adventure by Raid71 on Threadless
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olie! profile pic Alumni

Love this lots. $5.

Raid71 profile pic Artist

Hi everyone for some reason 'Threadless' has posted different variations on the same design... usually they drop one.. but not this time?!?! sorry in advance


I like it on the blue shirt. I like it a lot a lot.


I love the idea. I find that the cloud underneath the boat competes with the rest of the design. Like a big blob of white.

Mayeb try ripples on the sides of the Oars or a collection of stars to represent movement w/ the oars?.. I'd wear it !


I like it best on the darker color. I dont think I personally would wear it, but its cool


as it anything to di with " la Chasse-Galerie"? (old french canadian story in which some men made a deal with the devil so they could fly in the sky with their canoes.... oh well, maybe I am the only one to know about that story...)
interresting... I give it a 5 even if it maybe has nothing to do with the story!

Raid71 profile pic Artist

Ma-Mich... thanks for the info.. I've never heard of this story... I will look it up


funny idea!!!


Please print this in childrens size $5

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