A (sad) promise...

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A (sad) promise... by jalidd on Threadless
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R_G profile pic Alumni

higher pleaaaaaaaaaaase!! nice!

jalidd profile pic Artist

thanx for the comments, i would like to make the changes you all say, taking off the decal, placing it higher and make it "you" instead of "u", but i don't know how... should i submmit a new one with all the cahnges? or how do i resub? thanx in advence for the help!

jalidd profile pic Artist

Already got my answer, thanck you! keep voting and buying! :)


Nice and interesting. Pretty simple, though.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Isn't this just another take on the "I (have never been to) New York theme of writing stuff inside a heart that Threadless already printed a while back?

brand oh saurus

It would be a lot better if the placement were on the chest.


i think i'm with everyone else... chest high would be the bee's knees

jalidd profile pic Artist

I'll see how it goes in the voting, and see what i can do, "if" it doesn't win, hahaha, i try to resub!
thanx for all the comments!

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