A Nice Cup of Tea

Design by bortwein

A Nice Cup of Tea by bortwein on Threadless
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that's wild! sweet design.

funkie fresh
funkie fresh profile pic Alumni

great attention to detail!! awesome

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

yes, fantastic detail, very surreal and reminds me of artwork I'd see for A Clockwork Orange or a snipet from Fahrenheit, it has this eloquent beauty

herky profile pic Alumni

Nice, very creative and imaginative. Reminds me of the Twilight Zone.

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

the subtle gesture of the hand, the flowers and the falling petals and then the ominous eye

mezo profile pic Alumni

That intricate doilie is mystifying!


downright shinkicking sweetness
but the colors aren't my favorite
but the art is rad

C86 profile pic Alumni

Great attention to detail... very subtle and intricate. Good work

grayehound profile pic Alumni

Really amazing detail in the lace, cup and hand. Very nice composition, too birt! Nice work!


really really good. You could have had arm hairs which doubled as eyelashes.

Skipper6745 profile pic Alumni

This is amazing. 5$

mikemills profile pic Alumni

Beautiful, Bort - one of your best ever. 5$

jublin profile pic Alumni

i love the detail in the pupil. (is that what that is? the pupil?) i skipped eyeball anatomy in highschool. either way... great stuff!


the pupil is the black center
the doily makes up the iris

i like the concept, but....

the caruncle (inner pink corner) is at a very sharp upward angle, and should be either horizontal or angled slightly down

the arm making the lower lid looks weird - i think it's because in general the lower lid is thin and the upper lid is heavier

and the arm should extend so that it extends the length of the lid, with the cup at the corner of the eye

possibly nit-picky, but anatomy that's close but "off" bothers me


Monkey II
Monkey II profile pic Alumni

I thought I already comment and score this one...?

This image is soooo detailed, it's out of this world!


really nice details. great work!

eskimokiss profile pic Alumni

Dali would be proud.
This is definitely my favourite of your designs thus far, but you keep amazing me every 2 to 3 submissions.
(best of the orwellian subs IMO ;) )

Ava Adore

o0o0o0oo yeah just geat!!

JOHN2 profile pic Alumni

Stunning. I really hope this get printed.


beautiful. I really wish it had color, though.


I really wish it looked more natural from far away. It is lovely, though.


i love the surrealism and intricacy in the design, but i don't think it's shirt material.


mini dukes III

Print it, send it to yo' mamma.


Love the illusion! Very nice.

Skipper6745 profile pic Alumni

I keep looking at this and hoping that it gets way over 3. This is just too fantastic of an illustration and piece of art in general to be not recognized and printed.

bortwein profile pic Artist

I was just looking back on this design and reading through some of the comments and I want to Thank All of you who really supported this design. It is still one of my favorites. Perhaps I should do a Rev 2 of this design with a splash of color added.

Again Thanks.

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