A New Life with a Second Heart

Design by Flying Mouse

A New Life with a Second Heart by Flying Mouse on Threadless
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Flying Mouse
Flying Mouse profile pic Artist

This design is inspired by my father. He was heart attack last year, thanks god he is doing well now.

Hope you like my imagination about this design, thanks.

Freddie Mokuyobi

I like it a lot, but I want to see it on the shirt zoomed out


this is an amazing illustration. I think I could see it more as a paper print and not on a shirt, but this is done very well and looks great! looks like it a could be an album cover for a band

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni
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Wow....this is an extremely old-school look for you....I always loved when you drew this way, and it's nice to see you return back to this style. While the subject matter doesn't appeal to me, I do like what you did here and I am glad to hear your father is doing better from his heart attack recovery. I hope this gets printed just so you can send him another present in the hopes he continues to make a speedy recovery.

BubuSam profile pic Alumni

Neat design $5

nonolarson profile pic Alumni

I don't think i'd wear it, but I love the style with thin lines.


great illo. I'm glad your father has recovered :)

Kookaberry profile pic Alumni

This illustration is just fantastic! My only concern is that I'm wondering if I would have been able to tell that was a heart without the title. The illustration is gorgeous anyway and such a lovely tribute to your father.

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

very cool, awesome colors.


officially in love. $5

polynothing profile pic Alumni

$5 good stuff!


Wow, I really like it!

Hooray Monkey

Interesting composite, nice texture, cool! I would say $5!

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

Why not for a shirt, vivoartanddesign? It's an awesome piece of work and I'm surprised it hasn't gotten more acclaim or responses.

Jemae profile pic Alumni

PERFECT FM! ...just PERFECT! Great job as always! :)


Awesome! Great colors and design, it is a 5$ for me!


I like the hanging tubes and wires at the top.

Would like to see all kinds of futuristic tools and equipment
around the person and all kinds of neat looking parts laying
around -- all that stuff is to imply it takes time and resources
to fix a broken heart.

Flying Mouse
Flying Mouse profile pic Artist

Thanks for all kind words and the concern about my father, yes he is doing very well now :)


needs to be smaller on the shirt, agree with helo


Nice skills $5

roadkill3d profile pic Alumni

never fails FM... never fails...

igo2cairo profile pic Alumni

Wow, wonderful illustration! Best wishes for your dad and glad to hear he's doing well.

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