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A Lack of Color...

Design by polynothing

A Lack of Color... by polynothing on Threadless
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polynothing profile pic Artist

I wanted to do a design with a very simple color scheme, based one of my favorite songs, "Lack of Color," by Death Cab for Cutie, off of "Transatlantacism"
The lyrics:
"And when i see you
I really see you upside down
But my brain knows better
It picks you up and turns you around
Turns you around, turns you around

If you feel discouraged
That there's a lack of color here
Please don't worry lover
It's really bursting at the seams
For absorbing everything
The spectrum's a to z

This is fact not fiction
For the first time in years
all the girls in every girlie magazine
Can't make me feel any less alone
I'm reaching for the phone

To call at 7:03 [and] on your machine I slur a plea for you to come home
But i know it's too late
I should have given you a reason to stay
Given you a reason to stay [x3]

This is fact not fiction
For the first time in years"
Hope you like the shirt, and please leave comments/feedback, since I love hearing from you guys!


These music shirts you do are just ace.


er, why does he have a gun? and i might leave out the squares above the head, i thought they were the color combos at first..


You are craftsman sir $5


Excellent. $5


interesting work

polynothing profile pic Artist

thanks for all the comments!
Sounds like the gun is pretty unpopular... should I loose the gun?

dacat profile pic Alumni

Looks great poly, sweet interpretation! $5

igo2cairo profile pic Alumni

Love this! I don't have a problem with the gun because to me it's a metaphorical image representing regretful feelings or a sense of loss, which totally relates to the song. Anyway, it looks awesome. 5$


maybe just point the gun in a direction so it doesn't suggest suicide

I don't see a gun or a hint of a gun in the song's lyrics - so why is it there?

kennybanzai profile pic Alumni

I likes the Death Cabies... its a neato design 4 reals.


Awesome interpretation of great Death Cab lyrics. Well done. Either lose the gun or keep it as is. DON'T point the gun somewhere else or then he'll look murderous. Love the colours.


love the shirt 5-5-5-5

myteemo profile pic Alumni

Awesome! $5


nice job once again... keep the gun, lose it, i don't think it matters too much, it's a great interpretation, $5.


I love the shirt. I love the song. Switch the gun with a nudey magazine and that should shut everyone up.

KDLIG profile pic Alumni

I love Death Cab for Cutie! $5

roadkill3d profile pic Alumni

Great song choice!


Glad I could help. and.. oh... I forgot; Definitely 5$

OOH_OOH profile pic Alumni

Me and my wife are big Death Cab For Cutie fans and "Lack of Color" is one of my favorite songs of theirs. Great job on this design!

mezo profile pic Alumni

CRAP! I missed this! You should so more linearts, fo sho.

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