A Key for Everything

Design by Richard_Lee


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...well, almost everything.
check my blog for details and other color options. there is one version with no color, just white linework on a black shirt. there's also an image of what it would look like on a hoodie.

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excellent 5$

staffell profile pic Alumni

the key to your heart should be money or something, and put it in the middle


I feel this sub has been better executed. Where's the Skeleton Key though? The Key to everything...



like the colour
instead of outlines


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thanks very much for all of the comments so far!
i made the heart key plain because i thought it would be way too obvious if i made it all fancy-frilly-pretty and it would more accurately embody the idea if it were just basic and unembellished.
i've never seen that other design, it was a good find but i think mine is more conceptually oriented.
thanks again for the comments!
ps. i was going to draw a skeleton key on the shirt but then i realized that if i did, i wouldn't need any of the other ones!

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This concept and execution is much better than previous ones...a single skeleton key would have been cool on the BACK!


I've seen other key subs and frankly I think yours is better 5 for you.

DesignbyProxy profile pic Alumni

you forgot the most important....a DRUM KEY!


5 love it
though the happiness one is more detailed and i think the key to your heart could use an extra something


i really like the design on a black tee w/ the white linework :)

ladykat profile pic Alumni



reminds me of that 101ers track $5

Montro profile pic Alumni

This design made me swallow the S&M dungeon key.


Oh, and I like the heart key being plain and simple. Hearts and flowers and frills aren't what really gets into your heart.


this is amazing.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

This is NOTHING like the "My Keys" submission and soooooooo much more artfully executed. Wonderful placement and inspired key design on each one gives you the first $ I've given out all night...bravo! the lock on the sleeve just makes the whole thing even more wonderful. 4$

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thanks so much for the support and the ideas everyone! about the lock, including other types of keys and arrangement of the keys, i wouldn't mind making adjustments or whatever. if this gets anyone's attention at threadless and they care to let me, i'd have no problem with it at all. thanks again for the words, everyone!

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The idea is there. I like the old rustic look of the keys & your thought to put a padlock on the sleeve. Nice touch. I do NOT like the handwritten font you've chosen, and think the words should be printed in black & not grey. The grey makes them compete with most of the keys.


i'd go for the outline versions. very good job!


i guess the only place i thought of going with this shirt is making the keys to abstract ideas (success for example) the outlines, like we know there is one, but not what it looks like, and keeping the ones to "concrete" things in their full pictured glory.

also, do they have to be in a neat box or scattered? right now they look arranged in a drawer, but when i think of looking at keys, i see them splayed out.

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congrats on the print!


I'm surprised there isn't a skeleton key

aled profile pic Alumni

I'm bummed that there was no Mon Key.


I don't like the lock on the sleeve either. Besides that I love it!


Does it matter really carbon? Besides, Lofty Softy did it better.

Congrats to him. I now own this shirt =)

Richard_Lee profile pic Artist

no haters please.

ps. thanks nar.

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