A jacket can be vinyl.

Design by Rockslide

A jacket can be vinyl. by Rockslide on Threadless
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Nice. I've seen a few Urb submissions that I liked, but this is the first one I'd actually wear.



something that is totally off of it, but completely on the mark...

i like something that's abit more "femmy", but not extremely girly... and this is it. I'd love to wear this on a white, or a black, or medium/light blue shirt... no pinks. pinks are the devil. i think i'd like a lower ocrner as well, even though it is still strong centralized.

actually... if its in the center, it'd be better for a tank top...


Great use of limited colors :o)

Rockslide profile pic Artist

Whoa- you guys are too kind, I didn't expect such a response so soon. This was my first submission here too. Thanks Pico on the colors. I have never had such a limited palette before, I ran into trouble on the radio, but in the end I kinda liked how it turned out. Who would have thought a flesh color could be used for metal. Thanks again for the warm welcome.

Luke... profile pic Alumni

very nice illustration...
i like how the thin lines used for the hair are repeated in the sweater ribs, and show design repitition in the strappy shoe-lace-thingys....nice job


great illustration, and a great t-shirt design. i love your choice of color.

but somehow, i don't think it really fits in with URB mag's image/affiliation with the underground music scene. the image of the girl is slightly too main stream... something like a limited too or old navy advertisement [especially with the nail file].

it's a cute play on words, and best of luck to you. anyway, even if it doesn't work out for URB, it should be a candidate for the on-going contest.

catdogpigduck profile pic Alumni

Agreed, I want to see some more well drawn, ladys with excellent color usage like this one $5


Way to think outside the box!! Aso great use of color - when i look at it, it just seems like complete picture and not a strain to limit color


wow, I missed voting on this. But I would totally buy it. Awesome job here, Rockslide. :]

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