A is for Awwww

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A is for Awwww by garciagirl on Threadless
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garciagirl profile pic Artist

For all the type nerds out there...you know who you are.
"Sorry, you're just not my type." Thank you!


maybe it would be better if the text was handwritten and/or centered in the speech bubble?

aled profile pic Alumni

I'm pretty good at the alphabet, but I don't think I've ever seen that red coloured letter before. Is it a stumpy 'b' or 'p', or is it a backwards 'a'?

aled profile pic Alumni

Hold up! Is this about race?


the two letters don't seem to be different "types". shouldn't they be obviously different fonts?

mj00 profile pic Alumni

Maybe switch the letters to a "b" and a "d" so they can look at each other naturally. Have you tried using an actual font for the letters? I think real fonts (san serif and slab serif?) with hand drawn faces would be the ultimate. And could the flowers be, like *'s or dingbats?

Very awesome concept! You've got me all excited about it...

garciagirl profile pic Artist

Thank you all very much for your comments! Great idea mjoo. I'll get to work (:


Really great idea, but I think doing what mjoo said would improve it considerably.


nice concept, h/e the letters do look kinda creepy and the colours are kinda blinding on the yellow. the font should be changed too.


Follow dangergirl's advice. Have a serif and a sans-serif font character, and go more subtle on the colours.

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