A highly recommended beach Tee

Design by jusum

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kaloyster profile pic Alumni

Puhlease save the flashy flashy on a website designing contest and more on the design (shit, I just repeated 5115's comment. oh well)



er, you really have something going for you as far as flash is concerned, but there's absolutely nothing unique or interesting about the shirt itself.


I like the redhead.

jusum profile pic Artist

I think I need to tell you that I DON'T spend hours on the presentations. It might look time consuming for a person who isn't familiar with the tools. I just want to make a cute presentation, that's all. Totally harmless. Why so angry guys?


I love the presentations. It adds interest when scoring a bunch of flatter designs.

Like the shirt too btw. The blonde and the redhead grab my attention the most.

jusum profile pic Artist

Can someone please explain what Theow just said?

She Says So

stunning presentation....'meh' tee design. 2


i think theowl means that he or she doesnt like your flash stuff. then he or she points out the other submission you did with the flash stuff. then he says something like an owl.

if you hadnt done the flash stuff they would probably have been like, "oh, great sub, love the style and the girls hair." oh well. i think its cool.

jusum profile pic Artist



that guy's eye is freaking me out

herky profile pic Alumni

nice character. I like the redhead design. btw your flash presentations are great.

kooky love
kooky love profile pic Alumni
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nice presentation
could you give me a way to presenting design with flash?


people, please. forget about the pretty flash presentation (cuz that's not what Threadless is selling...) and look at the actual design.

you really wanna pay $15+ for that?!

jusum profile pic Artist

Do you really think that you need to explain that? Shouldn't the users of this site know what Threadless are selling already? Do you really think I'm trying to get people to vote for my Tee and make a "flashy over the top" presentation because I know that the print suck?

Forget about the flash already, it's getting really really old...

jusum profile pic Artist

thanks carrifaery!


i think it would look cooler if it was less symetrical.


Don't mind the people who hate flash. It's nothing against you. Flash killed their childhood pets. They just won't rest until they have revenge.


I really dig the yellow version of the design colorwise, but it's a bit too cartoony/simplified for me to actually say "I'd buy that"

jusum profile pic Artist

Thanks, the zooming in feature is something Threadless made, and unfortunately there's no get a round..

aled profile pic Alumni

With risk of sounding like a broken record, I think the flash work is really good - I wish I could rock up a little illustration like that. As for the tee, I like it - but to me, it could be a logo for a dance record label or a club or something. My favourite is the redhead. I'm giving you an honest 3.


What, no pink?!
The yellow's pretty awesome, though.


I´d love to have the two..well..animals on a shirt..


I'd wear the Jade one

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