A Gentleman Never Blows His Top

Design by csharron

A Gentleman Never Blows His Top by csharron on Threadless
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FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Oh, that's too too fabulous of an idea. I like the sketchiness of the piece and even what seems like the gentleman's whale laying on top of a solid seabed. I just wish the BLAST! was a bit bigger, or the smoke made the words at the top of it? Still, amazing idea here.


I like it on blue

csharron profile pic Artist

Thanks for the feedback so far...This is my first submission, so I may have not made it clear, but I did intend to have the shirt printed on both the natural and the light blue, as I am a bit partial to the light blue myself...


definitely in the blue! ^_^ cool design $5


I just like the idea that a whale could be a 'gentleman'.


The silent-film-ish font is excellent. Love the whole thing.

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