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A gamer life is beautiful by Jebs on Threadless
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Threadless Staff, this one is for E for All contest, the one i sent a few seconds ago can be deleted (the button E for All wasn't there, so i submitted it to te regular competition)...

So, isn't life beautiful with infinite lives? all you have is ti click yes, and here we go again eheheh, it's the simplest design i created in my whole life i must say, but anyway, i thought the idea was pretty funny :-)

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ahah no comment here :-) i explain that this was just for fun, i know, it's more a slogan than a design, and i guess this one will drop early in the next hours loool

anyway, see you :)


i $5 this design of your as well. =]

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

^It's a video game-related contest you twit! Maybe when you've been on this site longer than two weeks and wipe that crappy attitude out of your eyes you'll see the icon on the top right that shows what the contest is all about.

Hero Status: I believe it's a zero-zero sign, as in "no lives left". If you receive some more lives, please give one to jasonelliott so he can get one finally.


I like how the concept can be interpreted in various ways

Jebs profile pic Artist

thanks everybody, that's just a design for fun, to be honest, but helo understood perfectly the concept ^^
You can interpret it in different ways, you can read the zero-zero lives as said Frickinawesome, or you can read the infinite lives, and here is another interpretation!

but in this contest, just take a look at my 2nd version of Gamer's Syndrome (still in the running), which is my fav sub for the contest ;-)

Presse profile pic Alumni

+Hey JEbs ^^5$ rien que pour toi :)

Presse profile pic Alumni

5$ pour toi pour pti Jebs :)

Presse profile pic Alumni

Petit bug hein, mais bon c'est la vie :)

Jebs profile pic Artist

ahah salut presse :-) j'avoue que la, j'ai fait le visu le plus minimaliste de ma vie, mais c'├ętait pour le fun :-)

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