A funny thing happened on the way to Burning Man.

Design by mcmarcg

A funny thing happened on the way to Burning Man. by mcmarcg on Threadless
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mcmarcg profile pic Artist

I always like simple spelling errors that makes the original intent of the sentence completely different.

Here, the spelling error has caused Surreal confusion, not knowing what the original intent of the sign was, they decided "F it, let's switch hats".

The cloud (or tie dye-ish) background would also cover complete back of tee (all printed on cream).

I wish I had just about 100 KB more to work with, as the file size limitations kinda crunched this a bit...

See high res here

Starrfold profile pic Alumni

Hahah, love the random floating objects behind them.

YaaH profile pic Alumni


mcmarcg profile pic Artist

OMG YaaH gave me a 4. If you look at every single one of my designs, it's the same exact comment. Is Yaah a robot? I'm just asking...

Stereomode profile pic Alumni

cool illo. i like it.


Funny stuff, the Moustache is a killer :) Best of luck...


Hmm. My problem with this is that it looks like the whole word "CHIEF" is crossed out, because the X goes over the H and E as well...

Also, it makes more sense in my mind for a chef to show up dressed completely like a chef, and a chief to show up dressed completely like a chief. As in, they both thought the meeting place was somewhere for them, rather than they both thought they were dressing up as the other person for a day - because if this was the case, surely they'd have talked first, and then the confusion probably wouldn't have happened.

Having said this, my partner tells me I analyse too much :P and I do still think it's amusing the way it is. Great illustration, too.

mcmarcg profile pic Artist

Thanks devoted toucan...actually I analyze insanely as much as you do definitely and have thought of /argued with myself about all your points prior to finishing this. I just really wanted them to have the other hat on (for comedy) and to have the other color for that hat from the chief or chef etc... I think the cooking objects/peace pipes and tee-pees in the surreal background with clouds, made anything possible in this world...where being easy going, they switched hats. But believe me, I thought of/wrestled with all you said. As for the cross out of the "I" ...I think you are being nit picky there...this old west sign was obviously crossed out with a rusty knife...so, mainly the I is crossed out...it barely drifts over to the other letters. But, if others agree/hell freezes over and some how this gets printed...It's an easy fix.

And thank you others who have commented. love you!



mcmarcg profile pic Artist

So...this may end in 1 day...if not, cool...but I do what I want which is never what the people want, which is why life is always so hard for me. Enjoy, you "people"... while i give my grandma her medication for her cancer/Alzheimer's w/ a touch of lupus, none of which exists, but...you will feel bad anyhow for what you all have done to my designs. I mean, somewhere, grandmas do have such problems...and I am dedicating all proceeds of this design to such f'd up, crypt bound mama's of your mothers...so show some FUCKIN' respect.

-the end.

mcmarcg profile pic Artist

I apologize...sometimes my cat, does , in fact...get on my computer. Hence the earlier comment. I know what you are thinking "how can this "man" possibly blame the last quote on his cat"...Well, you try to use a quote within a quote, see if you are bold enough.

Musarter profile pic Alumni

Great illustration.


very funny illos, and the floating objects really are what makes this whole crazy scenario work! Nice work!

you gotta do something about that cat, man...

mcmarcg profile pic Artist

thanks for the comments guys...note: commenting on your own design at 3am after you've been drinking is probably NOT the best idea.


Wowww, so details work, dude!!$$$

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