a friend indeed

Design by spencer fruhling

a friend indeed by spencer fruhling on Threadless
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I could look at this for hours. Were I to wear it, I wouldn't be able to see where I was going, because I'd be looking down at my shirt. But I wouldn't mind, because I'd get to stare at this whenever I pleased, with no hands! A little less cheesy and a little more ch-awesome than the other submissions I've seen. Yes.


Now this is completely cute and clever. Hell yeah.


If you make the hand of the pink guy overlap the eyeball he's giving to the other guy, it would look more like he was sticking it on him. Overall, it's really cute and I like the idea!


Oooh I get it..had to get my friend to explain it.

I think it'd be better if the guy only had two eyes instead of 11.


i love it! my only suggestion is that maybe the multi-eyed guy is like handing the eye over...you know not having it on the blue guy yet...but i'd totally wear it as is.


^ i agree with chaos - i thought the red guy was stealing the green guys only eye, so it might help if there was a little distance between the two to show that he's giving an extra eye to the green one with no eyes


Am I the only one who wants to know what the deuce is in the green guy's hand?


awwwww.... $5!


that is really cool and a nice simple deign 5$ for sure


If that's a walking stick, why does it look like a cigarette?


this is super cute! awww... $5$5$5$5


Hahahaha I'm so glad I wasn't the only one who thought that was a giant cigarette.......

This is cute.

spacesick profile pic Alumni

this rules! here, you can have my 5. nobody else wanted it.

Big Ed

I didn't get the walking stick either but this shirt is fantastic nevertheless, and I completely dig the purple shirt.


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