A Forecast of Pirates

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A Forecast of Pirates by plans on Threadless
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ohh my god that is amazing

plans profile pic Artist

Oh wow that is really close... I honestly never saw yours before in my life. Wow. The ideas are exactly the same, but I've really never seen your sub before. My idea came about when I was talking with some friends about the modern pirate terrorists, and I thought it would be funny to make shirt like this.The ideas are the same, but as you'll notice, the graphics are radically different. Coincidences happen. This is just a coincidence.


I love the idea and the style!

The only thing that is not working for me is the smiley face on the skull and crossbones. The whimsical style works, but the big goofy smile is overkill.

plans profile pic Artist

No I'm not offended! I hope you aren't either :)


Matej... I like yours much better.


Want. Wantwantwantwantwant.


plans profile pic Artist

um ... thanks? ^


great! 5$.

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