A Day In Tibet (resub)

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A Day In Tibet (resub) by Ellsswhere on Threadless
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Sorry for making everyone vote again on this... i think things should be cleared up now... please recomment if you like or dislike... much appreciated, and thankyou threadless for removing the other one.


did you change the border? i think i liked the squiggley lines before


i still think it would have been fine without resubmitting because it would still be eligible for the regular competition. Plus its pretty sweet


oonce again, i love it, 5$

best sub ive seen in a while


I'll vote again! $5 again!


nice man! i like the vibe of it


i love this, $$$$$
it better get printed!

staffell profile pic Alumni

This is crazy unique man. 5$


Love it! It's a must print


^^^^^ agreed very awesome 5$


I want this. Very badly.

I didn't see the original, but that makes no difference. It is AMAZING, and I love it, and adore you for creating it. If this doesn't get printed, I may cry.

unisex pompadore

i looked at both subs, and i do think this is more polished.
i want to make this happen, it's gorgeous.

Ellsswhere profile pic Artist

Well again i appreciate everyone commenting again for me... im sure it could be worked as many other relaxing colors, this is just the original coloring and i felt it was rather strong. Dont know whats cliche' about symbols but to each his own as they say, and zambooti... dont know if it can get bigger and still fit on the shirt!?!? Thanks again, hope you enjoy


Wow, and I was planning to lay off with the purchases for a while. Great for anyone into Eastern philosophy. In fact, the Taoist in me is squealing inappropriately in delight. Definite 5 + I'd Buy.


Comment (as requested): Gorgeous! 5!

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