A Darkside to Dorothy

Design by peashooterpj

A Darkside to Dorothy by peashooterpj on Threadless
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peashooterpj profile pic Artist

This is a look at what sweet and innocent Dorothy would look like if she had to make a trip back to Oz. No buckets this time, she came ready to kill some bitches... I mean witches.**

Resistance profile pic Alumni

oh yes... look out nah

evan3 profile pic Alumni

really great

bygrinstow profile pic Alumni

not a bad idea at all, but gonna be a hard sell after Heartless just came out...

CazKing profile pic Alumni

her face looks a bit funny. Nice idea though!

peashooterpj profile pic Artist

oh shit..... i didn't know somebody had already done this... oh well.. i'll live to design another day.. thanks FrickAwe

briancook profile pic Alumni

Thanks, FA!

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

way to take it like a man, peashooterpj. most people start whining when you point out something's been done, but the best thing to do is just keep on coming out with designs.

otherwise though, i would have just said that the linework is a tad harsh, at least for me. maybe try experimenting with thinner or coloured lines instead of black next time.

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