A Chance Encounter at Night

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A Chance Encounter at Night by quick-brown-fox on Threadless
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A while ago I found a really nice public domain image, which I thought would look good on a tee. I felt a bit strange using the original so I redrew it. I started imagining a scene, wondering what he was, if he was good or bad, a deity or ferocious weapon. I thought about him wondering around a desert, protecting something or searching for someone. Someone who might be about to be attacked, may have summoned the beast, who may be with the beast. I liked the idea of the image being ambiguous and you made your own mind up as the viewer.

Oversized screen and sim process, I'll post a blog with the original images. Thanks to Fatheed for the public domain advice and igo2cairo for his help and support with this sub.



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Bio-bot 9000
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cool mashup. i sorta wish the hero was in a more dynamic pose, but neat colors and concept.

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Really dig the colour palette and mood you created with this, looks rad on the tee! $5

Ma Bell

It looks great!!! I love it!


$5 $5 $5 Awesome


simply beautiful and timeless

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great illo $5

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Super atmosphere and colorscape, love how the presentation slowly welcomes you into the world of nightfall you have presented here. Would just love to have the night colors up top fade in a little subtler as well as the fire being bright but feeling less like it is sticking out, but overall a satisfying scene and piece, love that you took PD images and made them your own.

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Sorry for the late acknowledgement - Thanks FA - I'm glad what you said about making the images my own as I was initially wanting to do a belt print of the beast, would've looked good, but I got more out of doing this.


love this design!.....would buy it! Great line drawing and beautiful colour palette! Great job!


love this design!.....would buy it! Great line drawing and beautiful colour palette! Great job!

mangobajito profile pic Alumni

awwesome design and placement! i really like it! :)


I love it when the artist shares what they were thinking when they designed the tee or got the idea for it. Makes me want it that much more. Great work and great imagination! :)


Very, very nice son, good luck.


I like this idea a lot, LOVE how you placed the scene on the bottom of the shirt. I would make the shirt the same colour as the top night sky! Personnal thing, I don't like these kinds of shirts when there is a difference between the drawing and the facbric. Otherwise, excellent!

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