a captive audience

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a captive audience by savethedramos on Threadless
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dacat profile pic Alumni

I like it...second placement should be right side and BIG....

valorandvellum profile pic Alumni

This is nice, but I would place it on the lower right corner instead of the left corner. That way the cord wrapping around her leg would have somewhere to end.


Personally, I love the lady in her bare footsies. but def the yellow, a little larger, in bottom right. Great that you tried it on the left though. Wish more shirts could pull off a lower left placement... hmm...


Rad in the corner!! $5


feeling it a lot, like all shirts but think the light blue doesn't work as well as others, either placement fine, but if lower def bigger.. 5$


brilliant! by far the best sub for this contest.

mezo profile pic Alumni

There's some weird perspective issues going on with the projector. While the illustration itself is ok, it is a little bland. If you're going to have fairly simplistic/silhoette shapes like you do, it's good to have some kind of rad color combination to up the ante. Also, think about size & placement. But this is a great sub for a first submission, by far. Keep on trucking.

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