A Bubbly Beginning

Design by RoDaSho



so nicely done

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I like the idea, too. But it's hard to understand what's going on. I'd put a child blowing the bubbles on the side of the shirt, and... yeah. The planets look spectacular from far away.

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The idea of this is great... it might be more effective if you had the planet/bubbles moving in a direction, and have the planets all be on the left side of the wand. Having them scattered sort of loses the effect. But you've got something good going on here!


Great idea! Maybe have the bubble wand in the lower right corner so that the idea is more clear. 5!


Love it as well! :)....... $5

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Thanks for all the comments. A little more design insight: The planets are in (almost) proper orbit for April 23, 1982 (thank you Celestia http://www.shatters.net/celestia/) Some changes I would make are perhaps having some small "popped" bubbles here and there instead of all the 'stars' being full planets. I feel i would like to steer away from any god-like figure blowing, and leave that open for interpretation. But yea, thanks, and keep the comments coming! (and check out my other design, "Recycled Air")


one or two popped bubble stars would be great like you said, I also like the idea of blowing them in a collection formation but as you explained your reasoning behind the scattered placement I think whichever you feel is better works (obviously you feel the one you did is better... heh), not a shirt I would wear myself, but great clever concept, very original ,5


i say fewer planet bubbles that way you can focus on the one being blown... i didn't see it at first, but i love the idea... just too scattered and distracting


This many bubbles/planets makes it look like a generic shirt you'd buy at the science museum. I do like the idea about some popped planets though.


I would like to buy it right now, actually


Great idea and executed well! $5


This is beauuuutiful.


thanks for printing! :)


fun idea! :)


Wearing this shirt right now. Can't believe nobody has made this comment yet...You've heard of the Big Bang? Well this is the Big BJ!

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