A Brain New Day!

Design by shuyi

A Brain New Day! by shuyi on Threadless
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Ditto--Bigger speech bubble, please?

shuyi profile pic Artist

hi, thanks for all lovely comments. the speech bubble should can be read in actual size. i purposely made it small, to represent the signal from our brain. :)

yeohgh profile pic Alumni

IT LOOK great and let get printed!! cool design with great idea $5!!! Keep it up!!!


Geh. Though momentarily reminded of a brain tumor, I still love the concept and what you're trying to get across. I like it with or without speech bubble, despite really disliking text. Very lovely.


I like it but the speech bubble lessens the impact: you've produced an image that speaks volumes without words.


i really like the looks of this.


hei Shuyi, i told you... you are GREAT!!! GREAT comments for great design!!! $5. Looking for more more more design from you!!!

mezo profile pic Alumni

This is 100% Threadless printable.
Great job!

shuyi profile pic Artist

sorry for the blurish of the speech bubble, i should show it in bigger for u guys to see. it've the title 'A Brain New Day' inside. however, it's really big enough in actual size!


I like the design even with the speech bubble, but I do think it detracts... the combination of beautiful illustration and unnecessary pun makes me sad. And I even like puns.

4 as is, 5$ in absence of bubble.


omg. love to wear this. $5

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