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A Bicycle Built for Doom

Design by lunchboxbrain

A Bicycle Built for Doom by lunchboxbrain on Threadless
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thunderpeel profile pic Alumni

oh i hope this gets printed, i would wear it till the sleeves fell off, or something like that. $$4


every sub you do is better than the last


Wonderful! I'm gonna side with Mortimer... I'm feeling optimistic about this one.


they should print this HUGE on a shirt.

Raj Mahtaj

Bwahha. Print pronto


Haha, the first thing I thought of was "Married to the Sea" too.


i really like the brown ink one.


keep the text. love this shirt. $5

Monkey II
Monkey II profile pic Alumni

it's a print


it's good,not sure i would buy but i'll give you a 4 :)


hells ya!

She Says So

bizare and fantastic. $4


I love this! The design is so original! Definitely on the tan shirt-the color matches the time period you were going for. $5!

chemi hydro

I live the artwork. Very old-timey

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

since my old cat was named mortimor, how can i not rate this design top notch? Positive biasis aside, very witty concept pulled off quite well in the brown version. !!!


i like the brown ink, it looks Old-Tyme


this is incredibly unique.
great idea!


how do you know who's number 100?

Tonteau profile pic Alumni

For me, there's something about the placement of the text which doesn't fit the picture. Maybe it's like old style pictures might have had the text at the bottom in a box or something?

Either way, the actual image is very pleasing. 4.

The Ending

I like the drawing, i feel it belongs in some comedy book rather than a tshirt. Im sure most wouldnt agree with me. Still a fantastic way above abverage sub!

sonmi profile pic Alumni

i'm guessing it is more likely derived from clip art over hand drawn (perhaps hand drawn over clip art), but there's nothing wrong with that! it is appropriated into something new.

i dig it $5

lunchboxbrain profile pic Artist

^word up sonmi. to answer your question rose, it's modified royalty-free illustrations. they were vectorized, cleaned-up and compiled to create the final image. there was a good amount of illy work involved in the process. cheers!


This really is not my style at all, but for some reason, I really like it- I'm not sure how well it'll work on a shirt, but I think it could be pulled off. Good job! $5


i like the look of the blue too

cheripoffs profile pic Alumni


Mya Jamila

OMG! laughs This needs to be printed!
(You know that old look is coming back in Threadless...)

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