A Pocket, Full of Pixels

Design by thom2maro

A Pocket, Full of Pixels by thom2maro on Threadless
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Rebelart profile pic Alumni

This is soo good! 5555 Please print this, My whole family needs these.


that's amazing. 5!

Bliss-Machine profile pic Alumni

This is a winner. 5


Print this Threadless! 5$


I'm not familiar with pixel art, but I'd love this design on a sweet little tank. It works great on every product. Well done and thanks for introducing me to pixel art!

thom2maro profile pic Artist

Alright, the votes are in. I thank each and every one of you who voted! I'm incredibly flattered and humbled by your comments.

Just want to say to Molinebaby: I'm happy to be your introduction to pixel art. It's a bit of a process, but a fun process overall. I can't wait to see what pixel art you'll end up working on :-)

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