Gami's Paper Evolution Theory

Design by iamrobman

Gami's Paper Evolution Theory by iamrobman on Threadless
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Origami inspired art about the parade of penguins made of paper. Hope you guys like it.:)


A line of origami inspired shirts- what a great idea. Would be neat to see the design go around the bottom of the shirt, like a border, so the steps on how to make X project border around / wrap around the bottom of the shirt. Such a neat idea though. I like that you chose a darker blue and not a light blue. Well done on the idea. Please make available in a Girly XS, V neck (with t-shirt sleeves that go to about mid/lower-upper arm). Good luck.


Another thought... the final result/ end result could start just below the belly button area and then wrap around in the above mention border in a swirl pattern to give it some dimension and effect. Just an idea.

iamrobman profile pic Artist

THanks bouvarida Allo threadless to print this stuff and let them make decisions either to print it for hoodies,baby tees,man and woman sizes. Thanks a lot :)




Very nice! love it!


very cute! the dotted line in the background is kind of misleading though. At first glance it looks like it goes from step 3 to 7.

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