99 Luftballons

Design by arzie13


stingerstyler profile pic Alumni

haha, that's a lot!

funkie fresh
funkie fresh profile pic Alumni

i love that song!


from far away it looks like a blood spatter on a contagious disease... nice


awesome song.

That pic on the left makes him look like he's got 99 chickenpox sores.


GREAT... $5 for me!!

grayehound profile pic Alumni

So sayeth Shimala. And it was so.

Nice how they make a pattern from a distance and have meaning up close. I'm afraid what other 80's songs are going to be raided now, tho...

Nice work, Ross!

arzie13 profile pic Artist

yep 99 of em, I promise. The image quality is a bit funky though, ill post a zoom after work. Each balloon is different.

Sorry bout getting the song stuck in your head.

Rock-Deputy profile pic Alumni

I really like this one, but the balloons do kinda look like blood... would it be less genuine if the balloons were a different colour?

glad to see you're submitting again.


it looks kind of like bloodsplatters, but i think i kind of like that.

Ava Adore

haha cool


love this

Terry Citizen

Great job.

Too bad it will look like a nasty disease or blood splatter from a distance.

Maybe thicken strings as ^^^^ said or have a few bigger balloons in the foreground. Love the concept and execution so far though. 4$

eskimokiss profile pic Alumni

Love that song.
Nena was a hottie
Agree with Rock, glad to see you back and submitting.


any chance that the balloon strings could be darker?

asher27 profile pic Alumni

99 red balloons go by!

the version covered by bjork and the sugarcubes is pretty awesome... you should check it out...



is there really 99? i don't feel like counting but i sure hope there is.

staffell profile pic Alumni

why isn't ross's name in pink?

arzie13 profile pic Artist

-that scrubs episode kinda gave me the idea, love the scrubs
-yeah 99 of em. fo real.
-the real meaning, post war Germany and 99 air balloons getting shot at and the country in ruins after the war and captain kirk... here is a side by side comparison


they definitely pepped it up in the english version
-only pink in the blog forums

mezo profile pic Alumni

The Ross is back & you're gonna be in trouble....


if there really are 99 balloons i want this shirt !!!! $5

Mrs. Owl

Hurry, hurry, super scurry. Call the printers up in a hurry.
Loved this song back in day and this shirt is pretty cool too.



Really, I hope they reprint this.

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