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Montro profile pic Alumni

the taste level needs to be raised


this is horrible


How about we make a shirt with hair brushes flying into the twin towers while we're at it?


absolutely not in a million years


Completely tasteless, horrible and offensive.

I absolutely love it!


not to burst the bubble, but that photograph is one of the most influential images most talked about when war crimes and injustice throughout wartimes are mentioned. To use this image seems a pretty tasteless way to get a laugh out of millions of innocent people death and long-time suffering. Not only that, but it's a pretty cheap way to get a sub when simple copyright issues shout out "Abuse not the war victims!!"


I've seen film footage of this man getting shot in the head and blood was shooting out like a fountain. You' re sick, really. There's a hell lot of things to make fun about. This isn't one of them.

The Ending

what if it were an american soldier getting executed in the Iraq war? Would you EVER think about putting that on a tshirt then making it a joke. NO. Life is so important so dont EVER belittle it.


omG!! So politically incorect, but as soon as I saw it, "HOLY SHIT!!!"


eh this is just a photoshop job...
and it doesn't have enough to it to sway me to like it anyway.


gross. pretty fucked up, and tasteless.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

i'd dig this design if it was proving some kind of point with its subversivness. Making a stupid pun about wartime prisoner abuse isn't sitting too well with people these days after "hi mom!" photos are being taken in our foreign detention facilities right in front of a stack of toppled inmates. Zero and minus one.


got to side with the masses on this one. sorry but no dice.

Kojima profile pic Alumni

funniest shirt ever

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