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No smoking by maktub on Threadless
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I really like the skeleton but the no smoking blob seems a little out of place....very different style


love the skeleton. like the message.
however, i think the skeleton is strong on it's own, without the cigarette.


groovy. a bit feminine with the butterflies, so I might not actually buy it, but still a absolute 5.


FREAKIN' AWESOME!!!!!!! $5 For sure!!

Skipper6745 profile pic Alumni

The word bubble throws off the balance, but the rest is nicely illustrated.


The art is good, but I don't know what that thing at the left is (the one with the exclamation point), or why there are butterflies and a tree branch in the drawing, or what any of this has to do with cigarettes...


I think it would be awesome to have just the ribs and trachea, bronchial tubes, etc. and make them big, sorta like an x-ray of the person wearing the shirt. if nothing else, I say take out the no smoking bubble, it doesn't fit with the rest of the design

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