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herky profile pic Alumni

nice illo


this is beautiful because it is more like a womanly body than most subs w/ females in them. great illo!


that's a pretty manly female


I think too muscular too. her thighs appear rather big
and I dont fancy butterfly wings too much, I prefer faery wings


whoa, koo.. 5$


I love the green, I love the swirls. I'm not a butterfuly fan, but I would consider buying it. But the nudity? Not interested anymore.

DracoImagem.com profile pic Artist

Thanks Thomodachi. Im happy for this =)


My only quibble? I'd make the wings bigger.


Instead of having her naked, why not have her in a gauzy outfit that hints at sexuality and isn't so blatant?


She looks muscular and fit. Like she'd wrestle the chainsaw out of the hands of the lumberjack mucking with her woods and then drop kick him right out of the forest.


beeeefy!!! (and swirly stuff shooting from her crotch? albeit pretty swirls, but still disturbing)

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni
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o wow..YOU did bushido bears!?!?! I've never had that image too far from my mind since i first layed my peepers on it...please just keep submitting that entry with miniscule changes until
Threadless is forced to print it up! This shirt. im not that big a fan of...while it is drawn quite elegantly for a slutty fairy tee, it kinda seems like the green faerie from Moulin Rouge has finally had a few sips of absinthe too many.

Kojima profile pic Alumni

always a fan of your muscular women


Nice, but I would like it better if they wings were in the correct perspective rather than looking like a flat pasted butterfly. She's got movement but the wings totoally lack it.

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