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i can't remeber where those rules are about colors


nice. but you gotta make it more interesting throw some humor into it, perhaps a pigeon or deer, anything to spice it up

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i have never seen a "world's apart" entry for a blog or submission that contained a complete sentence and/or navigable thought process in it for three months now. My suggestion is to bypass his entry quite hastily every time. As for this entry, yes, it's a walk sign ie. three hundred times less thrilling than the Labor Day shirt which isn't too exciting to begin with. My suggestion: ditch the walk sign, turn the long rod over and pretend this object is a lego toothbrush. That would be something i could get behind.


those were some stringing diatribes from AWorldApart. too bad it's a 4 color limit, and not 5.

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thanks to you who have left coherent comments. i'm working on giving it some "umph", so hopefully you'll see a better version up soon (that doesn't surpass the color limt)

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