Dark Side (Of the Moon)

Design by Jebs

Dark Side (Of the Moon) by Jebs on Threadless
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Cool looking design !

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

very nice combo my good man, but i don;t think the title actually needs to be on the white ring for people to get this reference. If they don't understand by simple two second observation what is going on here, you can shove them into escape hatches that land in the Bog og Eternal Stench (note to artists- we need some Labyrinth-like designs or homages whenever you can get around to them!).

Jebs profile pic Artist

thanks everybody, frickinawesome> of course, it would take me 5 seconds to leave the text ( i hesitate to put it, and finally, leave it, but yes, i agree, the references are easy to get) devil dancer> hmmmm, i am not sure... squashy jelly> well, i agree, seeing it, the technique is near, but there are not so many techniques to make the illusion of new colors...i just listened to the comments when i released my first version , that's all ;-) then, for frickinawesome and others, i will put on my blog a version without the text :-D


I loved the old one. Love this one more. 5$

Jebs profile pic Artist



I love it!

but im not keen on having the wording on it


I'm such a Star Wars nerd and I love Pink Floyd. Great job combining the Death Star and I would buy this. Awesome.

filak profile pic Alumni

Cool $5

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

I wish Star Wars would just go away...


As much as I am getting sick of all the Star Wars stuff, this is one of the better ones. I agree that you should drop the font...not a $5...but if i rack up some extra points could see myself picking it up.

Jebs profile pic Artist

thanks evrybody! i'm happy that you like it; now, it's time to wait for the results :-)

Jebs profile pic Artist

hi dude, yes they asked me to sell them the design...and i answered: "YEAHHH" (i wear it often, it's really cool) :-)

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