The Pen Is Mightier

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The Pen Is Mightier by theurbanraptor on Threadless
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"damn you Trebek, you're sitting on a gold mine!"


i like the text a lot, actually... i like it on grey best.


I think it looks better without the text, I'm pretty sure people would get it. Other than that, consider it bought.


I prefer no text


no text on the light blue


I'd say without the text. What I think would make it better would be if you changed their positions a bit. Make them take on actual fighting stances. You know, one with his empty hand behind his back or up in the air behind his head. Or one of them lunging forward or crouching low. You know, look around for some nice fencing pictures and I'm sure you'll find a snapshot of an attack that would look mind-blowing with a pen.

Oh, and maybe a fountain pen, that would be awesome.

I'd buy that one.


well currently isnt it just a pen vs sword picture..
the text makes it more cliche less art i find
but with no text its just a aeoff, am i the only one that wants to see the pen stab the sword man in the losing moment, a design capturing the pen winning rather the one illustratign the ocnflict with the text spelling it out, and without the penis text :p its just incomplete ~ and i second the comment by Couto too

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