I Hate Mondays

Design by theurbanraptor

I Hate Mondays by theurbanraptor on Threadless
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His face is kinda hard to read.. I like the squinchy eyes, though.


Potential copyright infringement aside, I like it. Is there a way you can incorporate Monday into the design somehow?


the HULK image is taken directly from --- issue 377


that rocks but marvel will destroy you in court


Taking an image from another's work and placing it in a submission to Threadless in order to win $1,500 is not something you should be proud of. Adding a broken TV, necktie, and a broken desk does not constitute a substantial change since it is the HULK image that is exactly the same image from issue 377 -- I'm not trying to attack you. I'm simply hoping you see that using other's work without permission for your financial benefit is out of place. I'm hoping you create more submissions for Threadless. I think the concept of your design is better than the average submission and I love seeing comic book characters in designs ( I own almost 4,000 comic books and the majority consists of superhero comics ), but all artists should honor each other by not copying other works without permission. Just a note, I'm not addressing parody - that's a different issue.


Alright! more cool submissions heading Threadless' way.


I like this muchly. im loving the vibrant green

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