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i thought the war was over? is there another one somewhere?


there's war all over the place man.. unfortunately not much we can do about it..

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jaesen: speak to urself!

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but better then "war makes for colassal hardons" or Find the red square?" what d hell..!! :)


i don't know, i like the design - it's cool and all, but these war shirts just don't do it for me...i don't know how many tanks i've seen here and everyone of them pretty much said the same thing ("no war")... i just feel maybe a different approach should be taken if you want to be different

"the trash heap has spoken"

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Thanks guys for ur comments! everybody has own opinions.. i understand that!


nice design but what is the white line


nice design, but i agree - unless you're gonna print them up yourself and sell them specifically as anti-war shirts, the opinion can be alienating. i'm with you on the anti-war tip, but try and be a bit more creative. use some humor/sarcasm/ or something instead.
though blunt, "NO WAR" doesn't really say much these days..

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The white line means dirty.. becos war is dirty. so i related it to this kind of line/form. it's just an expression of feeling. hate..!!

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ixeley: thanks for ur good comments! will try soon :)


that wiggly line thing sort of looks like the playboy bunny.

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