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Luke... profile pic Artist

please adjust monitors as needed...and go to my profile for a more detailed look.

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

Nice and dark, I like it.

wullagaru profile pic Alumni

this is cool luke ... I can see how it scared your son


If this wins something u should put the spoils in a trust fund for your boy. Hopefuly he's not scarred for life. Morbid... but cool.

ladykat profile pic Alumni

really incredible. and freaky.


the director's cut : poor Frodo didn't make it !


i'm too scared of spiders to wear that ever. . .but i'll give it a five because it's amazing.

The Ending

really like it. cant really tell its a man in there though.... or isnt it supposed to be?

herky profile pic Alumni

great illustration and colors.


cool band t-shirt!


it's about time we had an awesome spider print!


mezo profile pic Alumni's she comes! Watch out boy, she'll chew you up! Big props to the Hall & Oates inspired title. And bigger props to the eerie artwork.

staffell profile pic Alumni

excellent work, I'm always a fan of good negative space usage

abeadle profile pic Alumni

I love this so much, please print!

Luke... profile pic Artist

thanks for the great comments everybody.
i appreciate it and feel all warm and fuzzy, as opposed to the creepy crawly that i made you feeel with this illustration, hahaha

and to casually address the point of the similarities to the hobbit, yes the concept of a spider eating a human has been done before. i dont claim to be the originator of this idea, this is only my take on it. and i am very flatterred to be compared to the amazing artists that have worked with tolkien's vision.
the concept is the same, but as far as the artwork similarity goes, well you can be the judge:

animated spider from hobbit

hobbits wrapped up

and i am sure there have been other sci-fi/fantasy renditions of this subject, as well as most everything that can ever be found on threadless or anywhere. haha, there is sno more conceptual originality left in the world, just originality in ones vision of it.

no big deal, really, i love tolkien...and have wanted to do some illustrations in the subject. but john howe has done it sooo well, there isnt much point in trying to recreate perfection...haha


Yeah, it's obvious it isn't the Tolkein spider since it has the black widow hourglass on it. The huge spider in "Return of the King" was so well done that any spider using its web to wrap something triggers our memory of it. So you should definitely be flattered by the comparison.


Nice, but I think that there should be a little more linework depicting the spider's abdominal mass. Otherwise, that semi moon shape is too harsh.


A bit too dark in my opinion but I like the title! Very creative!

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