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Silver Lining by NGee on Threadless
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So, we vote high for night, and low if we want day? :P Just kidding.


wait, i dont understand. are there 2 different shirts or does the shirt change in the night?

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Whilst it would be very cool if the shirt changed at night, as they say in Highlander 'There can be only one' so basically I'd like people to state their preference when they vote. Or jus give feedback on the idea in general.


"Every cloud has a silver lining and lighting kills thousands of people every year trying to find it."


If just one then day. But that back front idea kicks ass.

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The more I think about it - the more i like the back front idea - not sure which colour to go on though - maybe something in between like denim?


I like the silver ink idea.

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Opinion Polls so far based upon the above comments:

Day: 3
Front/Back: 9 (+1 for my vote)
Night: 14
Neither: 1*
Unspecified: 6

*There are probably (and unfortunately for me) many more of these votes which people simply haven't bothered to comment on.

Excluding my own comments

Keep the votes coming!

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Day on the front or night on the front? I'm leaning towards night, what do you think?

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Yeah - I was thinking it would be gool to reflect the design so it lines up. Like the idea of the yellow too, kind of like a sunrise.

NGee profile pic Artist

*cool (0r good, either would have worked)

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