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I also had the idea to put an anaglyph on a shirt, but you beat me to it :). I think the "3D" area might be slightly crossing into the hyper-stereo realm, so it might need a little work.

jimmytan profile pic Alumni

better if apply texture?

Harry Buddha Palm
Harry Buddha Palm profile pic Artist

It works a little bit. My program doesn't display cyan in the correct shade, so that hurts it a bit, but there is a subtle 3D effect going on. I printed it out and it worked on paper, too. I can fiddle with it some more, though. I only put it on white because I didn't think it would work at all on anything else, plus it looks more old school on white.


This is cool, but if a bigger person, or even a girl wore it the meaning might totally change...unless that's what you're going for.

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