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Daniel Braha

I want EITHER the bunny OR the table OR the Drink Me . . . actually, I want the bottle that says Drink Me. Maybe I just need a drink.

Sachka profile pic Artist

Hehe yes the cookies say "drink me"... but Alice is a rabbit, so everything seems normal, no ? ;)

Sachka profile pic Artist

Btw expect another version in a few days. :)


prefer it if it did not say drink me

Skipper6745 profile pic Alumni

I love alice as well. 5


I love it. The text is adding a little nonsense and this is totally great. 5$$$

positive hearts

definitely change drink me to eat me or something like that or change the food to a drink, otherwise great


I love anything Alice, and I like this too! I can't say I'm too thrilled about the red though. I think I would like it better on a cool color.


The "Drink Me" text just adds to the surreal quality of the image. I say keep it. You've done a nice job!


This is good. I would wear it in maroon maybe, I think the red a a little too bright. I would like to see something similarly surreal with more of a sinister undertone to it.

Don't forget, its a story by an opium addict with a fixation for his friend's 12 year old daughter.


I like the rabbit's head a lot. I agree with mayn though about having drink me be a tag.


I have an osession with anything Alice and Wonderland, this NEEDS to be printed I looooove it.

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