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Alex M. Solefish

i really like this style/drawing, but i wasn't registering that you've crossed out "beauty"--i thought you were doing something to the spelling. on the other hand, i like that there's a word above her--just not with the word you chose.

Max F
Max F profile pic Alumni

fashion !

nonolarson profile pic Alumni

Ouais la beauté c'est de la grosse foutaise...

Max F
Max F profile pic Alumni

Homme/Femme/Amour/Mode d'emploi


yeah, this definitely doesn't fit the critera clearly enough. the artwork's okay, though, as is the placement.

Skipper6745 profile pic Alumni

I really like this.


I love it i would def. wear it all the time $5

mezo profile pic Alumni

I am kinda drawn to the ambiguous text. And totally drawn to the drawing. Great job.

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